• Making great Images and having fun are always two of my main objectives on a shoot.
  • These are just two of the reasons clients say they continue to turn to David Mager Photography for their projects.
  • I could go on about why we should be working together but I think my clients say it better.
  • 'What sets David apart is his ability to assess the situation, from a creative and human/psychological perspective. To that end, he works with clients and models to make each feel as if they are valuable members of the process and the photo shoot key contributors to the success of the photo. The end result? Quality photography that captures the moment'
  • Barbara Ottervik, Monocacy Creek Marketing & Communications
  • 'Dave has a tremendous amount of patience to coax the best responses possible from both professionals and non-professional talent. He is unflappable during often unpredictable location shoots and always manages to come out with great results. He accepts direction humbly and is eager to collaborate with his own valuable ideas. If something isn't working, David is full of suggestions on how to make it work and will persevere until the result meets his own high standards and the standards of his client. I will always jump at the chance to work with Dave! Even when under a lot of pressure to get the shots done, he manages to have fun and produce great photos!'
  • Heather Kemp, Photo Researcher Popawheelie Image Services

I hope you've had a chance to look around the website and checked out the portfolios. If you're Interested in seeing more work or would just like to get to know the man behind the images, please give me a call or drop me an email.